MAC by Alpha Blade cleaning aid




Blade Care


It is very important that  you maintain your blades regularly to keep them performing at their  optimum. 

Leaving blades full of hair, spray residue  and moisture that can build up daily will dull your blades a lot faster  and in extreme cases cause pitting on the blades which can deem them useless.

The MAC by Alpha blade cleaning aid helps with blade cleaning. It allows you to slide the cutter halfway off the blade in each direction to allow easier cleaning & lubrication without the risk of the cutter coming away from the blade & the dangers that can cause.

Using the MAC blade cleaning aid in conjunction with the fantastic H42 bladewash it will help keep your blades cleaner, protect, deodorise, lubricate and condition them.

Using this regularly is all your blades will need to keep them sharper  and running cooler for longer.

Suitable for All standard A5 detachable blades. Wide version coming soon.


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